Our youth membership serve as Acolytes to assist our clergy in the liturgical service of Holy Communion by lighting of the communion candles.

Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through the ministry of dance, our Agape Dance Ministry includes our young people whose purpose is to Praise God through dance.

Assuring a timely church-wide response to a death in the family of our membership, this ministry seeks to coordinate fluid communication with the Pastor and relevant participating departments of the church to enhance and facilitate communication with the bereaved family while developing and maintaining supportive services.

Setting the tone and the environment for a meaningful worship experience, the Bulletin Board Ministry relies on creative spiritual talent to display spiritual and visual messages to members and visitors as they enter the vestibule of the church.

Singing praises to our God and testifying to God’s goodness and mercy, the Chancel Choir serves during the 11:00 a.m. morning worship service. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Chancel Choir sings an eclectic array of music to include hymns, gospels, spirituals and anthems.

Children’s Church encourages children to honor God with their lives. They are taught the Ten Commandments, as well as the importance of obeying those Commandments and how to worship God in ways they can understand. Children are introduced to God’s Word and taught how to apply Bible knowledge to their everyday life, instilling Godly character at a young age.

Our Courtesy Guild formally greets our visitors, members and friends during worship service and serve as hosts and hostesses to visiting churches and during selected church and pastoral functions.

The staff of our culinary ministry provides spiritual and physical nourishment to our church family and community. In strict compliance with Baltimore County and Maryland State laws and regulations governing food preparation, the Culinary Ministry entices our stomachs with delicious displays of food prepared with love.

The Board of Deacons is a ministry which supports our Pastor’s vision by their service and while ministering to the congregation in the Name of Jesus Christ. Ordained members bring Christ-like spirit and Jesus joy to our church family. The Board’s specific ministry includes the Shepherd Program which assigns members of our church to a specific deacon who provides those members with individualized prayer and encouragement. The Deacon Board also serves communion to our sick and home-bound members who are not able to worship at church.

Our Deaconesses are responsible for the preparation of Holy Communion and for the preparation of Baptismal candidates. They assist their spouses by accompanying them when church members are visited. Considered “Keepers, Protectors and Servants of Christ,” our deaconesses are co-laborers with our Deacons.

Mothers are saintly endearing elderly female members of our church who love to praise God and who are enthusiastic in their praise to God!

Ministers’ Wives are taxed with the responsibility of assisting their husbands in every imaginable way possible to ensure that their spouses have a clear mind to receive God’s voice. These women are always “on-call” to assist the pulpit whenever and however possible when asked by their spouses.

Education is central to the work of our church. The Education Ministry facilitates programs and activities designed to meet the interests of our members and community. As well, the Education Ministry also promotes educational development, recognizes graduates, sponsors our Annual Education Day, hosts scholarship activities, college awareness programs and much more.

The Ensemble choir sings one or two Sundays each month as well as on special occasions. The Ensemble Choir’s genre is contemporary gospel.

The First Aid Ministry is a ministry which is always “on-call” to aid members and/or visitors who become ill during the worship services, funerals or any other occasion that brings people together for worship. They may accompany any sick member to their home or to the hospital, and they always touch base with any sick individual to make certain they are receiving needed care. In addition, the First Aid Ministry also provides refreshments to our Pastor and other pulpit associates.

The Flower Circle ministers to the sick, shut-in and bereaved of our church by sending flowers and cards. The Flower Circle also adorns our church with decorations of flowers and/or appropriate decorations during various holidays.

The Golf Ministry is comprised of a group of Christians who are rooted in Christian principles and nourished with the Professional Golf Association’s philosophy. While golfing, their mission is to foster and spread the Good News of the coming of Christ. Enthusiastic seasoned players, beginners, Christian women and men, our golfers travel regularly to local golf courses in and around Maryland. Training for our golfers is provided by the Forest Park Golf course professional staff which gives training, oversight, lessons and specialized workshops.

Providing a genre of “good ole” gospel, hand-clapping and foot stomping music, our Gospel Choir is always a welcomed addition to our worship. The Gospel Choir ministers to our church with favorite music that moves your soul and your spirit.

With a goal to present up-to-date information on various health issues to the church membership, sponsoring health fairs, seminars and producing an annual news booklet are but a few of the projects of this ministry. Whenever needed, the Health and Fitness Ministry assists other ministries with programs involving health and fitness.

Our Male Chorus consists of a group of men who love to sing and testify to the glory of God. One or two Sundays each month, our Male Chorus ministers to the congregation while displaying a camaraderie of Christian love, support and brotherhood.

Our Mass Choir is composed of the adult membership from each of our choirs. They boldly come together on the fifth Sunday of each month to beautifully sing and praise God.

The Men’s Day Committee plans, sponsors and co-sponsors various activities, not just inclusive of the male membership but they also proudly serve as role models to our young men and the church at-large. Their culminating event is the celebration and recognition of the Men’s Day/Father’s Day celebration on the third Sunday in June. At that time, a “Man of the Year” Award is proudly presented during our annual Men’s Day worship service.

The Missionary Circle assists in providing spiritual and physical support to families in our community. Their service includes visiting the sick, sending cards of sympathy and encouragement and delivering food to needy families. This ministry also visits healthcare facilities and nursing homes to provide encouragement to patients through prayer and praise service. In addition, the Missionary Circle also provides food baskets together with gift cards during the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to persons in need.

The Music Ministry serves as a liaison between the pastor and all the various choirs. Consisting of all choir presidents and musical staff, this ministry provides and promotes spiritual enrichment to all choirs and to the congregation as well through music. The mission of the Music Ministry is to encourage all choirs to “lift up” the name of Jesus Christ by selecting the highest-quality inspirational music available to give strategic oversight, program development, planning, workshop scheduling and the promotion of high worship for all church services.

The Outreach Ministry facilitates spiritual programs and activities such as trips, luncheons, etc. to meet the interest of new members, seniors and the community at-large.

The Pastor’s Aid Committee joyfully assists the pastor and his family while enabling the Pastor to find rest from the toils of leadership in whatever manner possible. Each year, the Pastor’s Aid recognizes our Pastor’s pastoral and wedding anniversaries as well as special events to encourage our Pastor and to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated.

The objective of this ministry is to educate the church and community regarding special health issues which may be life threatening and which may affect the entire world. This ministry also sponsors workshops, prepares and distributes care packages, participates in Annual World Aids Awareness Day and participates in church health fairs.

Serving as a vehicle for fellowship between the single members of the church, this ministry often fellowships with other area church singles with a goal to portray positive images of single Christians.

Each Sunday morning at 10 am, Sunday school classes are held for all age groups to religiously educate and acquaint young people and adults about Jesus Christ.

The Sunrise Choir serves as the primary choir for the 8:00 a.m. morning worship service. This ministry sings an eclectic variety of songs in praise and glorification of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Sunshine Choir’s age ranges from the age of four through high school and is comprised of our youngest members of the congregation who eagerly and joyously sing the songs of Zion each fourth Sunday.

Our Transportation Ministry happily and safely transports our members and groups to and from worship services at other destinations in and around our county.

Our Trustee Board is comprised of dedicated servants who perform as custodians of the Church’s financial and physical resources. These members are responsible for all financial transactions of the church and are the official body recognized by the State of Maryland to handle all legal matters and for making or authorizing purchases.

USHER BOARD (Junior and Senior)
Our Usher Board ministry is comprised of both our juniors and seniors. Referred to as the “doorkeepers” of the church, they meet, greet and seat members and visitors at every worship service as well as availing themselves to give directions or assistance during worship service.

Vacation Bible School meets the second week in July every year to teach and religiously educate all age groups in a relaxed atmosphere from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. each evening.

Our Veterans Ministry provides support to members of our church and community concerning veterans’ issues and keeps the membership up-to-date with the latest veteran policies. Each year, our church membership honors veterans (alive and deceased) at our annual Memorial Day worship services.

The Women’s Day Ministry plans and implements sacred and shared activities leading up to our Annual Women’s Day when a “Woman of the Year” award is presented on this annual day.

Our Youth Choir membership has middle and high school ages children who proudly sing praise each fourth Sunday.

The Youth Department works indefatigably to prepare our young people for their Christian walk in a relaxed setting. Our youth participate in many events such as spiritual lock-ins, fishing trips, trips to amusement parks, trips to the National Baptist Convention and concerts. Our youth advisors assist our youth with acquainting them with proper church etiquette and community service initiatives. Lovingly, our youth coordinate and participate in fashion and talent shows and lead our worship service each fourth Sunday.

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